Modi and distortion of facts (Special Story)

Boney Bindra
Last Updated: May 17 2018 12:16

Is our Prime Minister a liar? People have started to ask this question more openly than ever nowadays. On the other hand when most of the media houses have shrunken down to be glorified versions of Doordarshan, it is the moral responsibility of the unbiased media houses to state the obvious and the truth. When our prime minister can lie, week in week out and without being counter-questioned even once, someone has to take a stand.

PMO recently, while speaking in a political rally said: "No one from the Indian National Congress went to meet any of the accused of 'Lahore Conspiracy Case' when accused Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and others were locked up in jail."

Modi before making this claim said, "It can be a case here that my knowledge on the subject is wrong if anyone wants to, s/he can correct me on this point."

After the statement's video went viral, remaining unbiased media houses started to dig only to find out, the prime minister of the biggest democracy of this world is lying his hair out yet again.

As a matter of fact, people are not even surprised now; it is a common sight in Indian politics at the present time. It has been a little over four years now since Narendra Modi started his alleged lying campaign without any fear and counteract questioning, on his favourite national television channels, his radio program Mann Ki Baat and of course on the political stages.

If we dare to look at PM Modi's reign, his awful speech at World Economic Forum, Davos still tops the list of his alleged lies where he claimed in front of the world that "600 crore people" voted for him to make him the Prime Minister of India, while as per the election commission of India, there were mere 814.5 million registered voters in India during the common elections of 2014 and this is just a teeny tiny blunder, Modi delivered a hell of a speech that day, which is available on internet.

Turn out the latest claim of PM Modi that no one from Indian National Congress visited any accused of Lahore conspiracy case, is false too, as per North Indian newspaper The Tribune's reports published on August 10, 1929, Jawaharlal Nehru did actually visit Bhagat Singh and others in Lahore prison.

As per the report, Nehru after meeting the accused said, “I visited the Central Jail and the Borstal Jail yesterday and saw Sardar Bhagat Singh, Mr Batukeshwar Dutt, Mr Jatindranath Das and all the other accused in the Lahore Conspiracy Case, who are on hunger strike… Those who cannot be forcibly fed… are dying slowly from day to day and the final act in the tragedy cannot be long delayed. The condition of Mr Jatindranath Das is specially critical… It was very painful for me to meet these extraordinarily brave young men and see their manifest suffering..."

Now, people are asking one simple question, which is especially directed towards Modi, why does he lie? He is the prime minister of a country; a mum could do better than a lie, any day of the week! Think PMO think!

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