Britain Minister wants to regulate young people’s social media usage

Last Updated: Apr 22 2018 18:55

LONDON- Britain’s health minister Jeremy Hunt has threatened to impose new regulations on the use of social media if firms do not do more to protect young people using their services.

Mr Hunt gave social media companies an April deadline to come up with measures to tackle cyber bullying and control the amount of time youngsters spent online.

In a letter sent to tech firms and reported in the Sunday Times, Mr Hunt said, “I am concerned that your companies seem content with a situation where thousands of users breach your own terms and conditions on the minimum user age.

“I fear that you are collectively turning a blind eye to a whole generation of children being exposed to the harmful emotional side effects of social media prematurely.”

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat have not responded to the threat while Google said it is already working on making the platform more secure.