The United States to place ‘reciprocal’ travel curbs on Pakistani diplomats

Last Updated: Apr 19 2018 13:12

The United States said that it will place “reciprocal” travel curbs on Pakistani diplomats in America starting May 1, restricting their movement to only 40 km of the embassy or consulate they were assigned to.

US under secretary of state for political affairs Thomas Shannon on Tuesday said the restrictions were reciprocal, as Islamabad had also placed curbs on its diplomats in Pakistan.

“Our diplomats are under travel restrictions. They can travel further (than 40 kilometres), but they have to notify the government of Pakistan,” he told Voice of America’s Uzbek service.

“Typically, these kinds of restrictions are reciprocal in nature, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

Shannon tried to downplay the move by stating that such practices were “very common in diplomacy”, adding that there was a need to look at the continued engagement between the two countries.