Weibo reverses homosexual content ban after outcry

Last Updated: Apr 16 2018 13:59

BEIJING- Chinese social network giant Weibo has reversed a ban imposed on homosexual content following massive public outcry.

Sina Weibo, one of the most popular social networks in China, announced its decision to ban homosexuality, pornography or violence related posts last Friday calling it a "clean-up campaign".

LGBT community protested against the ban using hashtags such as #IAmGay# and #ScumbagSinaHelloIAmGay#. Some deliberately posted pictures with their gay friends.

In response to the overwhelming sentiments, Weibo now announced that its clean-up would "no longer apply to homosexual content".

"We thank everyone for their discussion and suggestions," the company added.

Netizens expectedly expressed happiness over the reversal.

China’s official stance on homosexuality is "neither supportive nor against" but it does not openly promote it.