Expelled United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns of Russia's "troubling behaviour and actions"

Last Updated: Mar 14 2018 18:41

Expelled US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned of Russia's "troubling behaviour and actions" in a parting statement after being expelled by President Donald Trump.

He failed to thank Trump or appreciates his policies.

The former ExxonMobil chief had a series of public rifts with the White House after being appointed last year.

Trump officially fired Tillerson via Twitter, naming CIA Director Mike Pompeo as his replacement.

Tillerson said good work had been done to have better relations with China, and rein in North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

But he added: "Much work remains to respond to the troubling behaviour and actions on the part of the Russian government.

"Russia must assess carefully as to how its actions are in the best interest of the Russian people and of the world more broadly. Continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead to greater isolation on their part, a situation which is not in anyone's interest."

"What is most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition during a time that the country continues to face significant policy and national security challenges," Tillerson said.