Disney World trip bus crashes in Texas

Last Updated: Mar 14 2018 17:49

A bus that took Texas students on a trip to Disney world flipped and fell down in a ravine.

The crash tossed students around the vehicle and claimed the life of the driver.

Relatives identified the driver, Harry Caligone, as a caring man who was “dedicated to his job”.

The incident wounded 3 dozen others on the bus were hurt, six seriously, according to the authorities and the bus company.

Student DeWayne Benson, 15, told KTRK-TV by telephone he awoke to hear the band director repeatedly say “Harry” before the bus hit a series of bumps followed by one “huge bump.”

“Some students were stuck under seats, some were on top of other students and there’s a lot of panic to get people out,” said Benson, who was taken to a hospital but wasn’t injured.