Nepal airport rejects blame for confusion before plane crash

Last Updated: Mar 13 2018 18:02

KATHMANDU- Nepalese authorities have rejected claims that they were to blame for the fatal plane crash at Kathmandu Airport on Monday that led to death of at least 49 people.

US-Bangla Airlines plane turned into a ball of fire after it approached the runway from the wrong direction and crashed.

After the crash, the airline's chief executive officer blamed Nepal's air traffic controllers for the crash saying they gave wrong signals.

Now, Tribhuvan International Airport's General Manager Raj Kumar Chhetri has told CNN, "We strictly condemn the comments from the Bangladeshi authorities that Nepal's airport control gave wrong signals.

"Our airport control staff are internationally-trained. We had over-communicated everything to the pilots. We repeatedly asked the pilots to land from the correct side of the runway,."

A total of 71 people were on board the flight. All four crew members died in the crash.

(Image Credit: AFP)