National Geographic admits to racist coverage

Last Updated: Mar 13 2018 17:31

USA- National Geographic, one of the most renowned magazines, has admitted that their past coverage of people around the world was racist.

The US magazine in its special April edition looked back into its coverage to commemorate 50 years since civil rights leader Martin Luther King was murdered.

Susan Goldberg, Magazine's editor in an editorial titled "For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist", wrote, "Let's confront today's shameful use of racism as a political strategy and prove we are better than this."

Referring to a 1916 photo of Australian Aborigines, she said she felt speechless after reading the caption, "South Australian Blackfellows: These savages rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings".

University of Virginia associate professor John Edwin Mason examined National Geographic's coverage and said the magazine only reinforced racist attitude but he also acknowledged magazine's good work over the years. 

(Image Credit: National Geographic, AP)