Argentine navy saves US scientists stranded in Antarctica

Last Updated: Mar 13 2018 17:19

ANTARCTICA- An Argentine icebreaker (special ship to move and navigate through ice covered waters) has rescued four American scientists and a contractor stranded at an Antarctic camp.

The scientists were carrying out research on Joinville Island off the north-eastern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The five were due to be picked by US icebreaker Laurence M Gould but it could not reach them because of thick sea ice 13km (8 miles) off Joinville Island.

The US Antarctic programme then requested Argentine navy for help who sent icebreaker Almirante Irízar to rescue them. It took the navy two-and-a-half hours to rescue the team and their 400kg (880lb) of equipment. 

All five are currently in good health and will be transferred to the Laurence M Gould as soon as weather conditions allowed.