A robot solves Rubik's cube in 0.38 seconds

Last Updated: Mar 10 2018 15:58

TECHNOLOGY- A robot developed by two US scientists has created a new world record in solving the rubik's cube.

Ben Katz, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, collaborated with Jared Di Carlo to created the robot that solved the cube in just 0.38 seconds, breaking the earlier record of 0.637 seconds made by German engineer Albert Beer's robot Sub 1 Reloaded.

"We noticed that all of the fast Rubik's Cube solvers were using stepper motors and thought that we could do better if we used better motors," said Mr Di Carlo in a blog post.

"For the time being, Jared and I have both lost interest in playing the tuning game, but we might come back to it eventually and shave off another 100 milliseconds or so," Katz wrote.

(Image Credit: Ben Katz)