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Baba Kahan Das da dera where 'Alcohol' is offered as 'Parshad'

Last Updated: Feb 21 2018 11:02

Kala Sanghian, a village in Punjab is known for its proximity with sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind. There is a dera here which is dedicated to Sant Baba Kahan Das Ji. What makes this holy ground special is the parshad offered to the deity- alcohol.

A brief history of Sant Baba Kahan Das Ji's life inform us that he was born in a village near Sangrur. His parents named his Mahan Singh. Eventually he came in contact with Sant Chetan and Sant Dhanna and attained enlightenment. Finally he came to Kala Sanghian and started helping people.

How alcohol got associated with this place? A story explains that too. As per folk lore, Sant Kahan Das Ji once revived a person with the help of two drops of liquor who ironically was an alcoholic, saying the liquid I am giving to him is not liquor but Somras.

Since then, people associated alcohol with worship and believe by offering liquor as parshad their troubles will be solved.

The dera has high religious value among the worshipers and on the day of new moon, a big fair is organized.