Amid controversy heavy allocation for Study tours by civic body

Last Updated: Feb 14 2018 20:40

Chandigarh civic body on one side is cribbing about the financial troubles and is seeking for more and more sources from which revenue can be generated and on the other hand making a controversial budget allocation for the study tours. This time Rs 50 lakh have been kept in the Rs 910 crores budget by the Finance and Contract Committee, which seems to be a mere wastage of resources and money.

It is notable to mention that during the previous fiscal a lot of controversy emerged over the hefty expenditure made on the study tours. In the past years crores have been spent on the study tours wherein councillors went abroad to seek some advisory on the various developmental projects, however nothing had ever come out of it. Last year as well, the Former Mayor Asha Kumari Jaswal was accused of wasting MC’s money on study tour that ultimately bears no useful results. Also, the Municipal Corporation was questioned by the CAG on several grounds regarding the study tours.

Meanwhile, the financially striving civic body is still waiting for the grant as the salaries of its employees have been put at stake. Hardly Rs 25 crore have been left in the coffers after which MC will not be able to pay the salaries of its employees.