Afghan Institute, Metallica win music's 'Nobel Prize'

Last Updated: Feb 14 2018 18:45

On Wednesday, an Afghan music institute that has empowered girls in the war-ripped country and metal pioneers Metallica shared the Polar Music Prize, often called music's Nobel.

The laureates will each receive one million Swedish kronor ($125,000) at a televised gala in Stockholm on June 14 in the presence of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The Afghan National Institute of Music was honoured along with its founder, Ahmad Sarmast, who started the school in 2010 in a rare coeducational enterprise in the war-torn country.

“We believe that our two recipients, although from very contrasting worlds, exemplify the mission of the Polar Music Prize, and that is to honour musicians and music organisations whose work has made a difference to people’s lives,” Marie Ledin, managing director of the award, said in a statement.

“Metallica is loved and admired by millions of hard rock fans across the globe,” she said.