New York City bomber Ahmed Rahimi sentenced to life imprisonment

Last Updated: Feb 14 2018 18:32

On Tuesday, a United States restaurant worker inspired by Osama bin Laden was sentenced to life in prison for injuring 31 people in a 2016 New York bombing, branded “extremely dangerous” by a federal judge.

Afghan-born Ahmad Khan Rahimi, 30, told the court that he became radicalized after being “harassed” by the FBI and “singled out” for his religion, but showed no remorse for levying the bloody wounds.

Prosecutors told his two-week trial last year it was a “miracle” that nobody was killed in the September 17, 2016, attack.

“I have been here for more than 20 years, I had American friends and Muslim friends,” Rahimi said. 

“I was harassed by the FBI,” he said, referring to going on holiday to the Dominican Republic. He claimed he was “singled out just because of my attire” after returning from a trip to Pakistan.

“I was never discriminated for my religion until I started following it,” he said.