Tonga's parliament building flattened by Cyclone Gita

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Feb 13 2018 16:56

Cyclone Gita lashed the Pacific country of Tonga early Tuesday, causing widespread damage and prompting the authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Tonga's historic 100 year old Parliament building was left flattened by the category four storm.

One MP, Lord Fusitu'a, told ABC News that they would now have to think whether to repair the building to build a new one.

"Successive legislatures over the years have suggested building a new parliament house and I guess that'll be a necessity now," he said.

As per the UK Met Office, Cyclone Gita is the strongest to hit the main islands of Tonga since modern record keeping began.

Tonga is now heading towards Fiji but experts say it will miss the island nations most densely populated areas.

(Image Credit: AFP)