Pentagon accuses China of coercing neighbours to reorder Indo-Pacific region

Last Updated: Feb 13 2018 16:32

WASHINGTON- The Pentagon has told the US Congress in its annual budget proposals for the fiscal 2019 that China is coercing its neighbours to reorder the Indo-Pacific to its advantage.

“China is leveraging military modernization, influence operations and predatory economics to coerce neighbouring countries to reorder the Indo-Pacific region to their advantage,” it said.

“It is increasingly clear that China and Russia want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model -- gaining veto authority over other nations’ economic, diplomatic and security decisions."

Pentagon further said Russia is trying to shatter the sovereignty of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to change European and Middle East security and economic structures to its favour.

Amid this, Pentagon has asked for an increase of $80 billion in its budget to $686 billion to counter Russian and Chinese power.