Chinese President wears white cloak as sign of harmony with minority community

Last Updated: Feb 12 2018 18:45

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, during an interaction with members of the minority Yi community in southwest China’s Sichuan province, wore a flowing white cloak, very much like a poncho, slung over his shoulder.

“The white cloak, called chaerwa in Chinese, is a hand-sewn woollen poncho-like mantle worn by people of Yi ethnic group,” state media reported.

“His unusual dressing, a white cloak, raised curiosity among netizens,” state-run English newspaper China Daily reported.

“The cloak is woven with quality sheep wool in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture. It usually takes about one month to finish making one chaerwa. Yi people wear it to keep warm in daytime and use it for bedding at night,” the report said.

“No need for ironing, neat, stain-resistant, and with a common touch,” the Xinhua article said.