YouTube suspends ads from Logan Paul's channels

Last Updated: Feb 10 2018 16:21

TECHNOLOGY- American YouTube vlogger has suffered another set back after YouTube suspended advertising on his channels because of his pattern of behaviour.

His channel's downward journey started from December when he uploaded a video of a dead body recorded in Japan's so-called suicide forest. He later apologised but since then has posted other objectionable videos on his channel.

On his return to YouTube at that time, Paul had said: "I know for a fact everything I do from this point on will get criticism, it will get backlash, because I'm a very polarising dude. You either love me, or you hate me."

YouTube said his actions could "damage" the wider video-making community.

"This is not a decision we made lightly, however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behaviour in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community," the company said.