UK cops issue leaflets to warn about bogus faith healers

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 14 2018 19:09

LONDON- Police in the east Midlands city of Leicester on Sunday distributed leaflets in Punjabi, Gujarati and English languages to warn people about bogus faith healers including babas and tantriks.

Leicester city's Belgrave and Rushey Mead area have large Indian population. As per police, faith healers target them promising money, lucre and love for money.

The latest police caution says: “Belgrave and Rushey Mead police are alerting residents to be aware of bogus faith or spiritual healers. Please remind family and friends, especially those who may be suffering from stress or worry, not to be drawn into handing over large amounts of money for these ‘services’.”

“These individuals prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable – people who are under great strain due to unfortunate life circumstances…They are believed to operate nationwide and to move location across the country,” the leaflet says.

(Image Credit: Leicestershire Police)