'No Hope' of finding survivors from burning Iranian oil tanker: Official

Last Updated: Jan 14 2018 16:00

TEHRAN- It has been more than week since an Iranian oil tanker collided with a Chinese ship off the coast of Shanghai with 32 members on board.

Now an Iranian official has said there is no hope of finding any crew member alive as two thirds of tanker is under water and is completely destroyed.

Mohammad Rastad, spokesperson for the Iranian rescue team dispatched to Shanghai, told Iran’s state broadcaster, "There is no hope of finding survivors among the members of the crew.

“Despite our efforts, it has not been possible to extinguish the fire and recover the bodies due to repeated explosions and gas leaks.

“Two-thirds of the tanker is submerged, and the fire has spread to the entirety of the ship, and we can no longer approach it,” he added.

(Image Credit: AFP)