Tit for Tat- Now BJP leader Dhawan seeks public apology from Tandon

Last Updated: Jan 14 2018 12:30

Just a week after the heightened drama due to the Municipal Corporation Mayoral elections in Chandigarh, the Senior BJP leader & Former Union Minister Harmohan Dhawan has now sought an apology letter from City BJP President Sanjay Tandon for weaving up false stories and making false claims. It shall be noted that earlier Tandon had sought an apology from the Newly Elected Mayor Davesh Moudgill. It seems like BJP leaders are playing hike and seek.

Dhawan has condemned Sanjay Tandon for the false claims he has made regarding him and by uttering sheer lies for saying that Dhawan was not invited by the national executive and national level meetings. However, Dhawan lashed out at Tandon and asserted that he is a member of national executive since three years and he even had the invite for the meeting held in Delhi in September. Further lashing out at Tandon, Dhawan said that Sanjoy Tandon being the BJP city President didn’t invite him in meeting and even local programmes.

The Apple of discord is the strong factionalism within the party where the two factions, one including Sanjay Tandon, Jaswal and other and the other includes MP Kirron Kher supported by Dhawan, Satpal Jain and Davesh Moudgil are totally in a tiff for a long time.