Another fire incident at Panjab University, this time hostel room went up in flames

Last Updated: Jan 13 2018 19:56

A massive fire broke out at Panjab University Chandigarh, this time, an entire room of the Girls Hostel no 3 was up in flames. The Lohri festival turned out to be disastrous for the students who had to part with their property. The incident took place during the afternoon hours at around 2:30 pm. The smoke and flames were noticed by the students who were sitting in the hostel garden basking in the sun. The reason for the breaking out of fire is yet unknown; however the authorities are looking into the matter.

The room belonged to a student of MA English. Though there has been no loss of life, but the girl suffered loss of property and her important documents. The flames of fire spread to the adjacent room, but it was ultimately controlled by the Fire Brigade. It has been the second fire accident at Panjab University in last one year. The authorities could not reach on time. DSW women Prof Neena Capalash, DSW Prof Emmanuel Nahar,CUS Prof Ashwani Kaul and Security staff reached the site by 3PM.

Police is yet to submit its findings and report, though there was no physical harm to anybody. The authorities have made the arrangements for the stay of girls whose room has been affected. Also, the authorities have ensured that the students will be compensated for their respective losses.