Rajkummar Rao: I don’t want to book myself in any one particular genre

Rishu Grover
Last Updated: Jan 13 2018 17:12

Actor Rajkummar Rao had quite a busy 2017 with as many as five films and a web series releasing in the same year. And in 2018, too, the actor has his hands full with films such as Love Sonia, Omerta, Shimla Mirchi, Ami Saira Bano and Fanne Khan slated for release.

“I am grateful to all the filmmakers who consider me for all the different and varied roles. I want to keep challenging myself and do different stuff in every film and not to let it get boring for me, personally as well,” says Rajkummar. The actor believes that only when one can push and challenge their limit, there’s fun being a part of the film industry. “Otherwise it gets monotonous. If you are comfortable doing only certain kind of cinema and you keep doing that for ages just because people like it, it gets corrupt,” he explains.