US agency says it followed all laws in Sherin Mathews adoption

Last Updated: Jan 13 2018 16:50

A non-profit, United States agency which was involved in placing Sherin Mathews with an Indian-American family, said that it had followed all national and international laws and best practices during the adoption process of the 3-year-old Indian-born girl.

“During the Mathews’ adoption process, Holt International, as well as our partner agency in Texas, followed all national and international adoption policies, procedures, laws and best practices,” Susan Soonkeum Cox, vice president of policy and external affairs at Holt International, said.

“We are profoundly saddened by her tragic death,” Cox told PTI in an interview.

“Despite our strong belief that we were in proper compliance with all national and international procedures, in response to Sherin’s death we are reviewing each step of our adoption process and working with all relevant government authorities to determine how we can do even more to protect adopted children,” she said.