Former England manager Capello says Conte, Mourinho are out of their minds

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 12 2018 12:37

FOOTBALL- The public verbal spat between Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and Manchester United Jose Mourinho has reportedly blown out of proportion and the same has been pointed by former England manager Fabio Capello.

“I think Conte didn’t realise who he was up against,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia.

“It’s the Chelsea shirt which makes managers nervous. Remember how wound up Mourinho got when he was Chelsea manager? Conte’s just doing what Mourinho used to do.

“We all remember Mourinho on his knees in the middle of the field, running wild after his side won.”

Mourinho called Conte a clown to which he responded by calling the Portuguese “senile” and “a little man”.

“They’re completely out of their minds,” said former Real Madrid manager Capello.

“I never thought it could get this far. But remember, when you wind Mourinho up, he’s very clever in these debate situations. Maybe once again he just wants to divert the attention from his team.”

“I don’t think that Conte has realised who he has been dealing with yet. In my opinion, he should have said just one thing. If Conte used the ‘senile’ word he certainly made a mistake.”