Provision of separate dustbins for waste segregation ceremonial, sheer wastage by civic body

Aarzoo Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 12 2018 12:20

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, that is now facing a severe financial crunch seems to have wasted a whopping Rs 2.20 crore on the small sized dustbins distributed in the tricity for the segregation of waste. As per the latest information the MC has asked the residents that the dustbins that were provided to segregate the dry and wet waste were ceremonial and people need to buy new and bigger dustbins for the waste.

Also, the Swachh Bharat mission seems to be in shackles in tricity as the Chandigarh’s garbage processing plant is hardly working efficiently. Also, despite conducting various awareness campaigns and cleanliness drives, the civic body has not been able to do anything substantial as far the cleanliness is concerned.

Lokita Birla, a paying guest at sector 15 Chandigarh asserted that the size of the dustbins provided by the civic body is so small that the garbage of the entire floor cannot fit into that, also she held that their maid is using those dustbins for floor cleaning and we have to buy another bigger bin for the waste. It is notable to mention that the project was launched by VP Singh Badnore, Punjab Governor and UT Administrator in June 2017 in which the residents were provided two bins (around 2.50 lakh bins) for the waste segregation. However, the project failed badly.