Sexual harassment case against PU VC, Head of the committee to be replaced

Aarzoo Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 15:02

The impending sexual harassment case against Panjab University Vice Chancellor Arun Kumar Grover has taken another drift as the Syndicate in the latest meeting has replaced the head of the committee formed to look into the case. The syndicate members taking into account the letter written to the Register by the chairperson of the committee Meenaxi Anand Chaudhary regarding the particulars of the constitution of committee. Chaudhary had refused to head the committee on the grounds that it was not formed as per the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013.

Now as per new development in the case, the syndicate has suggested the names of other professors who will be heading the committee. The names include Jyoti Arora, principal secretary, Higher Education Department, Haryana, or Navraj Sandhu, additional chief secretary vigilance, Haryana. Also, the names of Prof Meenakshi Malhotra, DUI and senior-most woman professor at the PU and Prof Manvinder Kaur, from the Department-cum-Centre for Women’s Studies and Development were suggested as members.

The names of the members will be approved by the senate and later on would be sent to Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, Chancellor of PU for further approval. Now, as per the directions from MHRD, the formed committee will be inquiring into the case and submit its report as per the Sexual Harassment Act-2013. The case dates back to March 31, 2013 when the victim had filed a complaint of sexual harassment by Prof Arun Kumar Grover on April 15, 2015.