MCC wants BCCI's support to include cricket in Olympics

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 12:53

CRICKET- MCC World Cricket Committee has asked Indian cricket governing body BCCI to support them in their demand to include Cricket in the Olympics.

“The game’s application to become an Olympic sport is gathering momentum and that the only remaining barrier is India’s reluctance to proceed,” an MCC release stated. 

“The committee has long been a supporter of Twenty20 cricket being included in the Olympic Games, believing it the single biggest step the game could take to unlock worldwide government funding and aid its global development,” it further stated.

"With plans for the 2024 Paris Games well advanced, the committee urges India to unite with the rest of the world game and lobby the International Olympic Committee for the inclusion of Twenty20 cricket in the Olympic Games, ideally in Paris but if not at Los Angeles in 2028,” the committee said.

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