Serena Williams sets eyes on returning to world no 1

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 12:26

TENNIS- Former world number one Serena Williams has her heart set out on becoming the world number one once again and to add more grand slam titles to her already big tally of 23.

Serena has not played any tennis since Australian Open last year and apart from a single exhibition match last week, she has not played anything major. Recently she withdrew from the opening Grand Slam Oz Open saying she is not completely ready to make a comeback.

Williams has featured in Vogue's February issue and in a interview with the magazine said, "It will be cool to see if I get there again, to what I call my spot – where I feel I belong. I don’t play to be the second best or the third best. If there’s no clear number one, it’s like, yeah, I can get my spot back. But if there is a clear number one, that’s cool, too, because it’s like, yeah, I’m gonna come for you."

“I absolutely want more Grand Slams,” Williams said. “I’m well aware of the record books, unfortunately. It’s not a secret that I have my sights on 25.”