Rising cyber crime in Chandigarh, Dire need for Separate Cyber Police stations

Last Updated: Jan 10 2018 20:22

With increasing digitization and the boom in social media, the vulnerable to the cyber crimes has also increased. Amid this Chandigarh Cyber cell is also receiving multiple cyber crime complaints everyday taking the rate of crime to new heights. Also, the no. of complaints with the Cyber cell has increased that has called for the setting up of separate Cyber Police stations.

As cashless transactions have increased after demonetisation, so have fraudulent online transactions, going by the figures of the Cyber Cell of the Chandigarh Police. Recently, two women of Sector 41 Chandigarh have reported cyber crime incident with the Cyber cell alleging that Rs 1.14 lakh were debited from their bank accounts fraudulently. However, it is suspected that the complainants might have lost their money to card cloning as they did not share the details of their ATM cards or bank accounts with anyone. As per the reports the complaints registered with the Cyber cell of Police have doubled in last 3 years from 1,438 in 2015 to 2,207 in 2017.

Presently, the Cyber Cell of the Chandigarh Police comprises more than 21 police personnel, including women cops, and is headed by a DSP-rank officer. Although the cell is equipped with all the latest devices to track criminals, members of the cell assert that the infrastructure should be upgraded. On the other hand the IT experts are of the view as the online users will increase, the rate of cyber crime will increase too. In the middle of this, the experts are of the view that there is a need for separate Cyber Police stations in Chandigarh just like other cities including Hyderabad, Jaipur and Bengaluru.