Call records show a different scenario, Varnika’s cross-examination again

Aarzoo Gupta
Last Updated: Jan 09 2018 15:08

The much-hyped stalking case of City-based Disc Jockey; Varnika Kunda by Haryana’s BJP leader’s son Vikas Barala took another turn as the call records made by Varnika are not in line with the original statements of the complainant. Amidst this, the accused in the case Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish Kumar, are in judicial custody on charges of stalking, wrongful restraint and abduction attempt on Varnika Kundu. Vikas’s bail plea has been rejected four times. However, the sudden drift in the case has called for a cross examination of Kundu that will be done on January 9.

As per the question posed by the Defence Council of Vikas Barala; Rabindra Pandit, the exact location of Varnika Kundu on the night of the incident was not matching with her statements. As per Varnika’s statements recorded in court, she had reached the inner market of sector 8 at 11:40 pm on August, however, the call records are depicting a different story as her location as per the call records is chamkaur Sahib, Ropar at 11:23 on the same day which is about 50 km from Chandigarh. This cross statement has raised several questions about the authenticity of the actual statements and the call records.

Also, the other question was raised about her presence at the Police station on the intervening night of August 4 and 5. Answering the Defence Council, Varnika held that around 1.30 am, she, along with her father V.S Kundu, had gone to Sector 26 PS where her father requested advocate Rajdeep Takoria, Varnika’s paternal uncle, to come to the police station. However, The defence counsel suggested to the court that Varnika was not present at the police station at the time and Varnika’s father Virender Kundu wrote the complaint and also forged her signatures at the end of it.