Race is on for New Chandigarh Congress President

Aarzoo Gupta
Last Updated: Dec 17 2017 14:51

After the elevation of Rahul Gandhi to the post of Congress Party President, the Tricity is now expecting the elections for the new Congress President in Chandigarh. While the term of the current Chandigarh Congress President Pardeep Chhabra has already been completed, the local Congress wing in Chandigarh is expecting the announcement of new President in Chandigarh soon.

The elevation of Rahul Gandhi will somehow add to the internal rifts in the party. Recently, a few Congress leaders also showed their resentment against the Current Party President of Chandigarh, Pardeep Chhbabra for not taking them along to the ceremony in New Delhi where Rahul Gandhi was officially sworn in as the National Party President.

Senior Congress councillor Devinder Singh Babla, Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Badheri have also asserted that when other states like Haryana can take thousands of leaders and workers along, why can’t Tricity. However, by this, Pardeep Chhabra had erased the possibilities of any Congress Worker from Chandigarh to contact Rahul Gandhi.

Apart from this, the Congressmen in Chandigarh are trying to connect to Rahul Gandhi Team for their own political motives. At present there can be seen a factionalism in the party. 25 delegates from Congress in Chandigarh have already been shortlisted for the leadership. With Rahul’s elevation it is quite possible that Congress Chandigarh wing might also witness some flip flops.