I am lucky to have Selena back: Justin Bieber

Last Updated: Dec 14 2017 19:11

MUSIC- Justin Bieber believes he is lucky to get Selena Gomez back. The duo split in 2015 but have recently rekindled their relationship.

A source said: "Justin wants to be a better man because he doesn't want to screw things up with Selena. He knows he's lucky to have this second chance and he's not taking it for granted. And the truth is, this 'transformation' hasn't been all that difficult for him because he wants it."

The source added: "It's true that you can't change someone unless they want it, and he wants it now. He knows what's at stake. He would way rather spend a quiet night in with Selena than go get wasted and hook up with random girls. That lifestyle just doesn't appeal to him anymore."