Andrej Babis appointed as the new Prime Minister

Last Updated: Dec 07 2017 13:37

On Wednesday, Czech billionaire businessman Andrej Babis was appointed as the new prime minister after his ANO party came first in an October election, and he must now focus on securing parliamentary supporting for a minority administration.

Running on vows to battle to fight migration and make the state more efficient, ANO won 29.6% of the vote, nearly three times the support won by second-placed centre-right Civic Democrats.

On Wednesday, in a televised ceremony, President Milos Zeman appointed Babis, 63, who set up ANO in 2011 as a protest movement when mainstream parties were enmeshed in corruption scandals. 

“I will first have to negotiate and convince the European Commission not to sue us and to find a different solution,” Babis told a news conference after his appointment.

“Quotas are not a solution, and the solution is outside Europe, and we have to win over other member states for this.”