Modernization of Fire services, Punjab Government seeks Rs. 200 Crore from World Bank

Last Updated: Nov 29 2017 17:45

Keeping in mind the dilapidated condition of fire services in Punjab, the state government is doing a great deal to upgrade the existing fire services in the state. In the latest development, in the winter session of the VIdhan Sabha, Punjab Chief Minister had sanctioned Rs. 43 crores for the modernisation of Fire services. Minister of Local Bodies, Navjot Singh Sidhu also informed that Government is also seeking support from World Bank and is in a process of getting Rs. 200 crores from World Bank for the upgradation and the Punjab government will hold a meeting with the Central government on December 15 for the WB funding.

It is notable to mention that in the past, there have been several cases of major fire breakdown reported in the state including the Ludhiana Factory collapse etc. In the wake of this, Punjab Government aims to modernize fire services in the next 3 years. Out of the sanctioned amount Rs. 7 crore will be utilized for buying Fire clothing and safety equipment for the firemen across the state.

Punjab Government had already established Directorate of Fire Services earlier this year and 69 fire brigades were purchased and distributed to the municipal corporations and municipal councils. Another 27 fire brigades were in the pipeline and would come by December. Also, the government is formulating the New Fire Safety Act which will be in place by December 2017. Also, there will be employment opportunities for the employees as the government has initiated the process of fresh hiring.