Captain directs legal aid team to help Sikh hijackers of 1981

Last Updated: Jul 21 2017 15:50

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has directed legal aid team of the state to extend their help to the two sikhs who had been accused of hijacking an Indian Airlines plane 36 years ago on September 29, 1981. A Delhi High Court has granted bail to the hijackers on July 19 but has issued a fresh trial against them under sedition charges that will begin on July 31. However, the lawyers representing the hijackers have shown resentment over the decision as it will lead to double jeopardy.

Captain Amarinder has ensured legal help to the two hijackers Satnam Singh and Tejinder Pal Singh. He asserted that while the hijacking was condemnable, any attempt to prosecute the two, who had already done life terms in Pakistan for the same crime, would amount to a serious travesty of justice. Senior Advocates Mohit Mathur and Manisha Bhandari while representing the accused in the court stated the same things.

In September 1981, 5 Sikh militants including Gajender Singh, Karan Singh, Satnam Singh, Jasbir Singh and Tejinder Pal Singh had hijacked an Air India plane from New Delhi to Srinagar en route Amritsar and forced it to land in Pakistan, where they were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. Coming back to India, Tejinder Pal Singh and Satnam Singh will face trial on sedition charges that is considered an example of Double Jeopardy.