Xiaomi is coming up with a Lego-like toy robot that can be controlled with your phone

Navya Beri
Last Updated: Nov 04 2016 19:55

4 November- Xiaomi is making a plastic toy robot that can be assembled into different forms, and can be controlled with an app. Called the Toy Block, the coding toy seems to rely on Lego-like pieces. The kit will come with various other components like wheels, gears and chains, which will allow your moveable robot come to life.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, announced the Toy Block on Friday on his Weibo account, adding that it will go on sale for 499 yuan ($73) on China's big Singles' Day online sale on Nov. 11.

Compared with other modular coding toys on the market, however, Xiaomi's robot is priced pretty competitively. Fischer Price's Code-a-Pillar, for example, retails for $49.99 for a considerably simpler hardware setup. The Dash robot from Wonder Workshop starts at $149.99.

The coding toy market has been heating up as of late. In June, Google threw its hat in the ring with Project Bloks, a set of electronic blocks meant to teach kids the fundamentals of programming. It isn't available commercially yet.