Qatar Airways ponders to start domestic airline in India

Last Updated: Mar 09 2017 12:41

Qatar Airways is the one of the world's leading airline and is a state owned carrier of Qatar. Aiming to increase its presence in Indian aviation industry and to compete with it's counterparts: Dubai's Emirates and Abu Dhabi's Etihad, Qatar Airways is planning to launch a domestic airline in India.

The significance of the move lies in the fact; if the plan materialises, Qatar Airways would be the first to have a fully foreign entity-owned local carrier in India, since Mr. Narendra Modi allowed 100% FDI in the sector last June.

Speaking about the plan in a press release in Berlin, the Gulf carrier's CEO Akbar Al Baker said,"Yes we will have a 100% owned domestic carrier in India that will belong to both Qatar Airways and our state investment arm as India has now allowed foreign direct investment in domestic carriers within India."

They eventually want to extend the fleet to a total of 100 planes in collaboration with India's leading airline indiGo