Protesters say ‘Thank you’ to Donald Trump:- Hong Kong Protests

Last Updated: Dec 02 2019 17:57
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On Sunday, hundreds of people in Hong Kong, including many elderly residents, marched to the U.S. consulate to show “gratitude” for U.S. support of anti-government protests that have roiled the financial hub for nearly six months.

Waving American flags, with some donning Donald Trump logo hats and t-shirts, protesters unfurled a banner depicting the U.S. president standing astride a tank with a U.S. flag behind him.

Another banner read “President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong.”

Trump this week signed into law congressional legislation that supported protesters in the China-ruled city, despite angry objections from Beijing.

“Thank you, President Trump, for your big gift to Hong Kong and God bless America,” shouted a speaker holding a microphone as he addressed a crowd at the start of the march.

Carrying yellow balloons and waving banners that read “No tear gas, save our children”, the protesters streamed through the city’s central business district towards government headquarters on the main Hong Kong island.

“We want the police to stop using tear gas,” said a woman surnamed Wong, who marched with her husband and five-year-old son.

“It’s not a good way to solve the problem. The government needs to listen to people. It is ridiculous.”