Pakistani singer poses with a suicide vest, Twitterati say if it’s her national dress

Last Updated: Oct 23 2019 18:56
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Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada was massively trolled by the Twitter users after she posted a picture of herself wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest in order to threaten Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pirzada’s attempt to make a point fell flat as soon after she tweeted, the replies section was flooded with comments poking fun at her bizarre move.

Hands-on waist, the singer posted a photo of herself posing with a black vest over her clothes, laden with what appeared to be explosives with a timer attached. “#ModiHitler I just wish huh #kashmirkibeti,” she wrote alongside.

Netizens from India were quick to react, with most terming it as Pakistan’s “national dress”, a jab at the country’s support to terror outfits on its soil.

“Wow!! You look awesome in traditional Pakistani dress,” wrote a user while another urged Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to declare this dress as the national dress of the country.

Such outlandish antics are not new for the singer. In September, she had posted a video with a number of snakes and alligators threatening a reptile attack against Modi over New Delhi’s landmark decisions pertaining to Kashmir. While some had termed her “nonsense”, others had wished for her to get well soon.