Priyanka Chopra reveals why she edited herself into Nick Jonas’s VMA win moment

Last Updated: Sep 09 2019 18:20
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HOLLYWOOD- Actress Priyanka Chopra has shared the reason why she decided to Photoshop herself into husband Nick Jonas’s arms during his VMA award moment.

Nick Jonas and his brothers won the MTV Video Music Award for the best pop video. A video of them celebrating the win soon got viral on social media. While Kevin and Nick were seen kissing their wives, Nick was standing awkwardly alone sans his lady love Priyanka.

Later Priyanka shared a photoshopped image of herself hugging Nick.

“I was sick that day, which is why I couldn’t go to the VMAs. It was supposed to be this fun night where all six of us got together because we never really get to do it that often,” People quoted the actor as saying to Entertainment Tonight during Toronto International Film Festival.

Priyanka said she watched the award ceremony at home on TV.

In the end, she joked, “That’s the reason why I love technology. It doesn’t matter if I was there or not. The picture makes it look like I was and the internet would believe it.”