Racist passenger made to get off train for abusing Hindi speaking man

Last Updated: Aug 13 2019 17:32
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WELLINGTON- A train conductor has earned huge praise on social media for standing up to a racist passenger and forcing her to get off the train.

Conductor JJ reportedly told a young girl to get off the train for yelling at a passenger who was talking to someone on phone in his native language Hindi.

As per the story published in The New Zealand Herald, the incident took place on August 8. The train left the Wellington Railway Station and was on its way to Upper Hutt when JJ stopped the train and asked the girl to get out. The girl was heard as telling the passenger to go back to his country and not speak his language.

When she refused to de-board, the conductor called the police.

"She said she was getting off at the next stop, and the conductor said 'no you can get off at this one, I'm not putting up with that nonsense,'" the eyewitness revealed the conductor as having said.