Trump poses with baby orphaned during El Paso shooting, faces backlash

Last Updated: Aug 12 2019 18:38
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TEXAS- US President Donald Trump is facing severe backlash on social media after posing with a baby whose parents were killed during the El Paso mass shooting.

Trump and his wife Melania recently visited El Paso, Texas following the shooting at a Walmart store that left at least 20 killed and several others injured.

There they posed with a two month old baby boy named Paul whose parents Andre and Jordan Anchondo were shot dead on August 3.

As per a Guardian report, the baby was brought to the hospital at the request of the White House for Trump’s visit.

The picture shared by Melania on social media has created huge uproar.

American actor Morgan Freeman slammed the president and tweeted, “This is child abuse. When the 8 El Paso victims refused to meet with their perpetrator, Trump ordered a newly orphaned baby back for this photo op. This baby just lost both parents in the horrific massacre unleashed in the name of Donald J. Trump, who couldn’t be happier."

The report further adds that Trump did not meet any of the eight shooting survivors.