Jameela Jamil missed three calls from Duchess of Sussex Meghan

Last Updated: Aug 10 2019 18:40
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LONDON- British actress and radio presenter Jameela Jamil has shared that she missed three calls from Duchess of Sussex Meghan because she did not want to answer a call from a blocked number.

Jameela spoke with Meghan as part of the September issue of British Vogue magazine which Meghan guest edited.

She recently explained, “She phoned me herself on my mobile phone, and I missed the call three times. They must have thought I was playing it cool, but I'm just crap at my phone.

"It was a block number so I tend to not pick up a phone number I don't know. But I didn't presume it was going to be the Royal Family on the bloody phone, did I."

Jameela also revealed that at one point during the phone call, Prince Harry also walked in and said hello to her.