Missing Texas man eaten by his 18 dogs

Last Updated: Jul 11 2019 16:25
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A 57 year old Texas man who had been missing for months was eaten by his own pack of 18 dogs, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has said.

Freddie Mack had serious health problems. After he was reported missing by a relative in May, police searched for days but could not locate Mack. His dogs won’t allow anyone enter the house either.

After police finally managed to distract the dogs and started combing the property, they found animal feces containing bits of human hair, clothing and bone.

They sent the fragments for testing which eventually matched to Mack. It’s unclear whether his 18 dogs killed him or consumed his body after he died from the medical illness.

“Never have we ever, or anyone we’ve spoken to, heard of an entire human being consumed,” Deputy Aaron Pitts said. “The bones were completely broken up and eaten.”

Pitts also informed that they put down 13 dogs because of their aggressive behavior, two were killed by their mates and the surviving three have been put up for adoption.