Egypt to sue Christie for Tutankhamun bust auction

Last Updated: Jul 09 2019 19:31
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CAIRO- Egypt is gearing up to file a civil lawsuit against auction firm Christie over the sale of a Tatunkhamun bust last week.

Egypt has warned Christie against going ahead with the auction but the auction house declined their request saying there was no investigation pending and it made sure that the bust’s sale was legal and valid. The bust sold for £4.7m ($6m) at the auction in London.

Egypt claims the bust of the ancient boy king was stolen from an Egyptian temple during the 1970s.

On Monday night, the Egyptian National Committee for Antiquities Repatriation (NCAR) announced that it had decided to instruct a British law firm to file a civil lawsuit over the sale of bust, and that it would also ask Interpol to issue a circular to "track down the illegal sale of Egyptian artefacts worldwide".

Christie's reiterated on Tuesday that it had "clearly carried out extensive due diligence" on the Tutankhamun bust.

Tutankhamun died over 3,000 years ago aged 19. His remains were found in 1922.