Do you too see a beach in this pic? You are not the only one

Last Updated: Jul 09 2019 15:08
Reading time: 0 mins, 56 secs

A picture has gone viral on social media which at first glance looks like that of a beach in a stormy night but turns out to be entirely different.

Online user @nxyxm shared the picture on Twitter and captioned it, “If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist."

And when everyone starts seeing a beach in the picture, the user reveals that the picture actually shows the lower part of a car gate which needs repair.

The picture has been retweeted several thousand times. While many did see a car door after careful consideration, others were begging to be shown the door as they could only see the beach.

User @nxyxm finally revealed, “It's a car door, the seal panel under it is damaged, the bend in the door gives illusion of beach, the seal panel is damaged and scratched which gives illusion of water on the edge of beach."