Customers leave restaurant without paying for meal after false fire alarm causes evacuation

Last Updated: Jul 05 2019 14:57
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A Liverpool restaurant has claimed that it lost nearly £1000 after opportunist customers left without paying for their meals following a false fire alarm.

Panam Restaurant & Bar in Liverpool's iconic Albert Dock was evacuated last week when a faulty system triggered the fire alarms of all the eateries along the waterfront.

Customers were asked to leave the premises for their own safety but at least 50 of the diners left without paying for their meals.

The restaurant did manage to cover its losses but still lost £740 in unpaid tables and an estimated £300 in re-cooking meals.

General Manager Daniel Hesketh later complained, “I think the people who left were opportunistic and probably thought it wouldn't matter because we are a business, but it does hit hard. You wouldn't steal from a shop, so why is it OK to leave a restaurant without paying?"

Hesketh also said that the restaurant has decided not to report the incident to police as it will waste the officers’ time. He however appealed to people to come back and pay their bills.