People feel disgusted after woman licks ice-cream and replaces it on shelf

Last Updated: Jul 04 2019 16:06
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A video of a woman who licked an ice-cream tub and then replaced it on the shelf has gone viral on social media with several users expressing their disgust at the abhorrent act.

In the video shared on Twitter with the caption “What kinda psychopathic behavior is this?!”, a woman licks a tub of Blue Bell Creameries ice cream and then places it back in the grocery shop freezer while a man can be heard off camera encouraging her to carry out the act.

"Oh, you foul. Put it back, put it back," he continues as she places it back in the freezer.

The video has sparked massive social media outrage with people calling the act morally wrong and unhygienic.

One user wrote, "Assuming this isn't just shot for reactions, and she really put the ice cream back for someone else to buy - it should be a felony."

Blue Bell Creameries, on its part, have issued a statement on their website thanking consumers for alerting them.