Fishing boat capsizes in Honduras, claims lives of 27

Last Updated: Jul 04 2019 14:06
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According to the Honduran military, a fishing vessel sank during bad weather in the Caribbean off the country’s northern coast, and least 27 fishermen are known dead.

Nine people remain missing and 55 others have been rescued.

Military spokesman José Domingo Meza says the accident occurred early Wednesday about 40 nautical miles offshore.

Meza says the vessel Capt. Waly set out in weather not appropriate for fishing. The Caribbean commercial fishermen’s association in Honduras says nearby boats were summoned to the scene to pick up the survivors.

Authorities say another fishing vessel with 49 men aboard also sank or capsized in the same area, but all aboard were rescued.

According to photos, the Capt. Waly put to sea loaded with small skiffs for the fishermen work from.